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How much does a pet sitter cost in Olympia?

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You can predict your pet's daily needs but your family's day-to-day changes. Unexpected meetings, taking the kids to the doctor, going away on a family vacation - who will feed the cat? Depending on the needs of your fur, or furless friends, hiring a pet sitter can be affordable. It's a great way to give you peace of mind that your pets are being taken care of while you’re out. Whether you’re searching for dog or cat sitting or are curious about dog walking rates in your area, we got you covered!
So how much does a pet sitter cost? From our research, on average they charge $20.00 an hour in Olympia.

Pet sitter rates in Olympia

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* Rate information as of April 12, 2024
Jenny H
Jenny H
Application: I hope you are having a good day. I'm looking for a pet sitter placement in Olympia, Washington. I strive to be a careful, skillful employee. Flexible scheduling for clients. Service Abilities: I have experience with pet feeding, facilitating exercise, and training. I also are willing to travel. I have years of paid work experience. Contacting Me: Send a message and I'll respond ASAP!
Sydni S
Sydni S
I'm Sydni, a pet sitter in Olympia, Washington. I have a great passion for animals and enjoy taking care of them. I provide dog walking services, overnight care, and pet sitting services to my clients. My services are available for all breeds and sizes of animals, and I am willing to travel to you as well. I have been pet sitting since freshman year of high school and am now a junior in college with years of experience. I have 2 cats and one medium sized dog of my own:) I am professional and reliable, and will always strive to make sure your pet is well taken care of. I charge a competitive rate of $20.0 hourly, so if you're looking for quality pet care, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you are interested in my services, please feel free to message me. With my experience and dependability, I am sure that I will be able to provide your pet with the best care possible. Thank you for your interest in my pet care services and I look forward to hearing from you!
Piper B
Piper B
Personal Profile: I hope you are having a good day. I'm seeking a pet carer position in Olympia, Washington. I will be a hard Working person. I will work part or full-time as required. Services And Training: I have experience with animal feeding, facilitating exercise, and overnight boarding. I have a drivers license. I have professional dog walking experience. Let's Connect: Send me a message via this website and I'll reply within 6 days.

Factors that impact pet sitting cost

Planning a trip as a pet owner? Hiring a pet sitter is an excellent solution for care for your furry friend. Before you hire a pet sitter, it's important to understand the factors that affect the cost of their services:

  • Time and Duration - Pet sitters usually charge either a daily or hourly rate. The length of time you require care for will affect your final costs. Many pet sitters will also offer package deals and discounts for longer bookings.
  • Your pet’s needs - Consider the frequency of your dog's walks, or your cat's feeding schedule. Different services will have different prices. Some pet sitters also offer extra services like administering medication, grooming, or even behavioral training, which may increase the cost.
  • Location - The cost of pet care will range across the country city-by-city depending on the cost of living in your city area.
  • Years of Experience - The level of experience of the pet sitter will also have a factor on pricing. More experienced sitters, with professional backgrounds in behavioural or medical training may charge a higher rate, than a less specialized sitter.

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