The 5 Most Famous Cats On the Internet

September 25, 2015

Cats were once considered sacred in Egypt. Today, cats are loved and revered by the Internet community so much that it barely feels like much has changed. Lots of felines have found fame online but here are the five most famous ones.

5. Venus the Chimera Cat

Venus the Chimera Cat (also known as the “Cat with Two Faces”) has a striking appearance with her face seemingly belonging to two different cats, spliced right down the middle. Half of her face has black fur with a green eye, the other half is ginger with a dazzling blue eye. A real feline chimera is a cat with two types of DNA as a result of two embryos fusing together in the womb. This leads to different patches of the body having different DNA that can be identified as two separate cats. It’s not certain whether Venus is a true chimera and it is likely that other genetics and a bit of luck are to thank for her looks.

4. Lil Bub

Lil Bub is an American-born kitty who was also made Internet-famous thanks to his unique appearance. A slew of genetic anomalies have left him with extra toes, short legs, and his tongue permanently hanging out due to a shorter lower jaw and no teeth. His little legs and osteoporosis limit his movement but we have been assured that he is “a fantastic waddler”. Lil Bub has starred in an award-winning documentary and has his own line of merchandise with most of the profits going to animal rescue groups. Lil Bub’s fame helps his human raise awareness about rare feline disorders.

3. Maru

Maru, Ruler of Boxes, is a male Scottish Fold who was born in Japan on May 24, 2007. He became famous when his Youtube channel showcasing his quirky personality gained popularity. The videos feature Maru sliding and squeezing into cardboard boxes of all sizes. If it fits, he sits.

2. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat’s fame began with a single picture of her incredibly pessimistic-looking face. From there, an Internet star was born. Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, can thank an under bite and dwarfism for her peeved appearance. In reality, she apparently has a very sweet disposition.

Grumpy Cat has a line of merchandise ranging from plush toys to iced coffee, has her own movie, plus boasts multiple TV appearances and book launches! Her schedule is so busy that her human took an absence of leave from her day job to help manage it.

1. Keyboard Cat

Keyboard cat was the original funny cat meme and while his popularity has gone down in recent times, he is probably the most famous cat on the Internet of all time. Keyboard Cat is a video filmed in 1984 of a cat named Fatso “playing” an upbeat song on a keyboard. After being used in a blooper reel, the video went viral. It has since shown up in multiple, sometimes baffling, places including popular video games and in rock band Weezer’s summer tour of 2009.