How to Choose The Right Pet Sitter For You

March 18, 2016

Going out of town? Need someone to watch your pet? Are you running out of options? Thinking about putting your beloved family member in a kennel? Before you get desperate, let's take a look at some tips for finding and hiring a pet sitteryou can trust and your dog or cat will love!

The Humane Society article Choosing a Pet Sitterprovides some excellent points to consider when making your decision. By hiring a pet sitter you’ll have clarity of mind, knowing your pet is being looked after by an experienced professional. Let’s take a look at some of the advice and tips featured in the Humane Society’s article.

Does the Pet Sitter Have Insurance?  

Hopefully, nothing goes wrong while you’re away, but things happen. An insured pet sitter will provide further piece of mind and will more than likely operate with a higher level of professionalism.

Is the Pet Sitter Certified?  

There are several certifications that pet sitters can obtain. A certified pet sitter may be knowledgeable about pet health and care in the event that
your animal becomes distressed while you’re away. In addition, a certified pet sitter should be knowledgeable of local veterinarians in the event your pet becomes sick!

Have you Checked References

When considering a pet sitter, also outline all of the responsibilities involved. Pet sitting may also require house sitting responsibilities. You’ll want to check references and make sure the potential candidate is trustworthy.

Is the Sitter Compatible with your Pet

After you’ve checked all of the information, references and verified the pet sitter’s experience, you need to make sure the sitter is compatible with your pet. Invite the potential
sitter over for a few hours or a day and monitor their interaction with your dog or cat.

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