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Maggie's Doggie Day Care & Boarding "YOUR PUP'S HOME AWAY FROM HOME!" Spotswood, NJ 08884 Dog Walking, Day Care, Boarding, Sitting, Home Visits, Grooming, Pet Taxi & More! About Me: Hello, I'm new to this site but I'm very experienced in taking care of pups! I'm here to best assist you and your pet! My name is Maggie and I'm 25 years old. I'm the owner of Maggie's Doggie Day Care & Boarding. I live in Spotswood, NJ 08884. I work as a pet care service provider and from home as an office administrative assistant. I love all dogs and never met one that didn't like me! My family calls me the "Dog Whisperer" for obvious reasons, but mostly because dogs immediately take a liking to me. Since I was a child and a little girl, I have always been an animal lover. I promise to love and care for your dog and pets just like they are my own if not better! I provide a loving home environment for them for the time being while you are away or on vacation. This way you know your pup is safe, in good hands and you can have peace of mind while away to really kick back, relax and enjoy your vacation! They would be in a loving, warm, comfortable and safe home, instead of sending them to a cold concrete commercial kennel for boarding. My Dogs: I currently own and have four dogs. I have managed owning and caring for this many for a number of years. They are all extremely sweet and intelligent. They love to "give kisses" and show affection. They love receiving attention from everybody! All my dogs are up to date on all vaccinations, are all extremely healthy and disease free. So you don't need to worry about your pup getting sick. They are all neutered and spayed. My dogs are not aggressive and have never had any negative experiences meeting new dogs. I have a 16 year old female Havanese named, Skittles, a 10 year old male Labradoodle named, Mookie, a 6 year old male Yorkie named, Snickers and lastly, an 11 month old male Dachshund puppy named, Oscar Mayer. Out of my four dogs, your pup will have a friend and companion he/she can relate to during his/her stay. Services Offered: I provide a wide range of services. Services include but are not limited to the following: I provide Dog Walking services, home visits consisting of drop by/check in/bathroom breaks and daily care for busy working owners, daily day care at my home, overnight boarding services at my home, overnight sitting services at owner's home, bathing and grooming services which consist of bath, shampoo, blow dry, brushing & fragrance (dog perfume or cologne), ear cleaning, teeth brushing & oral cleaning, nail clipping, trimming & pedicures and flea & tick preventive treatment applications (can be done during a boarding or day care reservation upon request), pet taxi/transportation services for your pet (pick up and drop off to and from boarding and day care available upon request), dog training of basic commands/acceptable behaviors and puppy housebreaking/potty training (can also be done during a boarding or day care reservation upon request) and I also provide trips to the local dog park, vet appointments and etc. for busy owners who are unable to go and take their pups themselves. I now offer a new service named, Friday Fundays, which is in addition to regular day care at my home. Every Friday of the week, I offer my guest pups the option to go on a new adventure and fun scheduled outing that day to do something fun, exciting and different from normal routine. Guest pups will have the chance to go swimming, hiking and exploring and will be able to visit dog friendly beaches, lakes, parks, dog parks and etc. Scheduled activities and outings will be based upon the number of clients each day and the owners' preferences. This service must be requested in addition to regular day care or solely by itself. If you are interested in a service that is not mentioned above, message me directly and I can send you a custom quote. Rates: DAY CARE (all day in my home) - $30.00/day per dog BOARDING (overnight in my home) - $40.00/night per dog (includes the entire day before's day care) SITTING (overnight in owner's home) - $50.00/night per dog (includes one day time or afternoon home visit) HOME VISITS (visit to owners home) - $25.00/visit per dog (depends on location and commute) Dog Walking (Dog Walking on leash only) - $15.00/30 minute walk per dog or $30.00/hour walk per dog PET TAXI/TRANSPORTATION SERVICES (pick up and drop off) - $15.00/one-way per dog or $30.00/round trip per dog (depends on location and commute) FRIDAY FUNDAYS (fun scheduled outing and new adventure) - $20.00/day per dog (in addition to regular day care service or by itself) BATHING/GROOMING (everything but hair cutting) - Bath, Shampoo, Blow Dry, Brushing & Fragrance Application (dog perfume or cologne) for $15.00 per dog, Nail Trimming, Clipping & Pedicure for $12.00 per dog, Ear Cleaning for $5.00 per dog, Teeth Brushing & Oral Cleaning for $5.00 per dog and Flea & Tick Preventive Treatment Applications (application treatments or collars) for $20.00-$60.00 per dog (price depends on brand and application method used). TRAINING (basic commands and/or housebreaking) - $40.00/hour per dog Custom quotes are available upon request. MONTHLY SPECIAL: 10% DISCOUNT OFF ALL BOARDING RESERVATIONS! PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTLY FOR PROMO DETAILS! LIMITED TIME OFFER. Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, Check, Chase QuickPay, Electronic Transfer, Direct Deposit and/or PayPal. Hours of Operation: (Reservation Duration) DAY CARE - Monday through Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM BOARDING - Monday through Sunday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 AM SITTING - Monday through Sunday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 AM (Only if I do not have boarding reservations during the requested dates and I may leave and return during day time hours!) HOME VISITS - Monday through Sunday: 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM Dog Walking - Monday through Sunday: 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM PET TAXI/TRANSPORTATION SERVICES - Monday through Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM FRIDAY FUNDAYS - Friday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM GROOMING - Monday through Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM TRAINING - Monday through Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM MEET-AND-GREETS - Monday through Friday: 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM (Schedule By Appointment) A Friendly Reminder: For all boarding reservations, please remember to separately book a day care reservation for the last day of a boarding reservation! You have until 10:00 PM to pick up your pup from day care on the last day of the reservation upon doing so. If not, please pick up your pup by 7:00 AM on the morning of the last day of the boarding reservation. For all boarding overnight stays, I include the entire day before's day care in my overnight boarding rate. My daily boarding duration is 7:00 AM - 7:00 AM. The duration of a reservation is not based upon initial drop off time. (Example: 3 Nights/4 Days 3 Nights x $40.00 1 Day x $30.00 = $150.00) Meet-and-Greets and Prior To Booking: I encourage new guests and owners to have a meet-and-greet with me at my home before booking. However, I understand that is not always possible and owners may need to make a last minute reservation. To be more accommodating, I do accept same day reservations and last minute bookings online without a meet-and-greet beforehand. Upon meeting for the first time or at our meet-and-greet, I will ask that you sign an agreement and fill out a couple of forms regarding your pet's medical history, behavior and the details of care. I will ask that you provide proof of updated medical and vaccination records for your pup beforehand. Please submit your vaccination records prior to meeting, especially if you require a meet-and-greet with my dogs in my home. I also ask that all guest pups have flea and tick preventive treatment applied prior to arrival to prevent pups from contracting fleas and ticks during outdoor play time sessions. You may physically bring a copy of the updated vaccination records with you to our meet-and-greet or at drop off, you can e-mail me a copy or send me a picture of the records through text message prior, whichever is more convenient for you. During our meet-and-greet, we will talk to get to know one another a little bit, discuss the details of your pet's care, view my home and I will slowly introduce my dogs to yours, one by one. This way you can get a better feel of everything and how the stay will go to help put your mind at ease. Vaccinations: Please submit updated vaccination records of your dog(s) receiving all of the following: 1. DISTEMPER (DHPP, DA2PP, DA2PP-C OR DA2PP-L) 2. BORDETELLA 3. RABIES These vaccinations can help to protect your pup from the following diseases: 1. DISTEMPER: (DHPP, DA2PP, DA2PP-C OR DA2PP-L) - D = Canine Distemper Virus - H = Hepatitis (Adenovirus-1 & Adenovirus-2) - A2 = Adenovirus-2 - P = Parvovirus - P = Parainfluenza - C = Coronavirus - L = Leptospirosis 2. BORDETELLA: - Bordetella Bronchiseptica 3. RABIES: - Rabies However, I will still accept and take on guest dogs that do not have proof of vaccinations and are not up to date on their shots. If your pup isn't up to date on his/her vaccinations then this means there will be restrictions during the reservation. They will not be allowed to be around, socialize or interact with my dogs and/or any other guest pups in my care. It will not be a problem or issue keeping one pup separated from others comfortably. I have a split-level style home which has plenty of room. I have two living rooms connected and separated by a French door which can be used to section off the spaces. They will also be walked (on leash) separately to relieve themselves instead of being permitted to use the backyard. Expectations and Details of Care: I have no issue following any certain schedule or routine that your pup has become use to and is comfortable with. All aspects of daily care and boarding are up to you and I have no issue following any set of instructions. You decide the walking/exercise amount and times, type of food and feeding times, sleeping arrangements and any other details of care, etc. You provide and bring all essential needed items for your pet's care and stay with me. Example: collar with tags, leash, harness, food, bowls, treats, toys, freshly washed dog bed, freshly washed blanket/bedding, crate/play pen and any medications if needed, etc. I provide the pet care service and loving home! Also, please note that having your per around my dogs is optional and it is up to you to decide how much social interaction between them is best for your pet or if it's none at all. I have a pet friendly home and I allow my dogs on the furniture in my home (mostly because my dogs do not shed and it was an easier decision to make because of this). If your dog does shed, I have no issue with them laying and sitting on the furniture as well. If your pup is not allowed on furniture in your home, please notify and inform me of this, so that I may keep to this training and follow your preferences. I like to avoid sending guest pups home with new learned bad behaviors and habits. Guest dogs will have the run of the house, as they would if they were at home. Guest pups will sleep where ever they want and where they normally do at home, whether that be in bed, on the couch, in a dog bed or on the floor, etc. If I have multiple guest pups during the same time frame for boarding, I will crate guest pups at night only and all guest pups will be fed separately to avoid fights, aggression and incidents from occurring. I own a total of eight dog crates and have multiple dog beds for guest pups to use during their stay with me. The crates I own range in size from XL to S. Guest pups will be crated according to size and availability, with the largest and most spacious crate as first choice. All crates have water bottles and food bowls attached and connected to them inside. I'm always fully stocked up on dog supplies, toys, food and treats. If you happen to forget something, don't worry because I most likely have it! Anti-anxiety supplements and treatments are available and can be provided to guest pups that are uneasy, nervous, anxious and/or on edge. I have claiming and thunder jackets available when needed. You will be happy to know that I have a large backyard which is completely fenced in and locked securely via lock and key. Your pup will have plenty of room to run around and play. I always accompany guest pups outside in the backyard for the entire time to supervise and monitor activity to avoid escapes and incidents. As an additional safety precaution, I also have my guest pups wear dog tags with my personal contact information. You can expect your dog to receive frequent bathroom breaks throughout the day. I like to let out my own dogs every 1-2 hours during the day. I have a dedicated area in my backyard for pups to do their business which is marked by a pheromone-infused yard stake by Simple Solution named, "Pee Post Outdoor Training Aid". There is an endless supply of fresh water available to pups inside and outside while playing. Your pup will never be left alone indoors for more than 2 hours. I only leave home when needed, to provide pet care service to other clients, run a quick errand or go to the store. I always have family members to help supervise and provide care for guest dogs in my absence. As an additional safety precaution, I have two Momentum Wi-Fi cameras set up to monitor my home and the backyard from my iPhone, if ever needed. In the summer, my heated in ground pool is open for use. My dogs love to go swimming and take dips into the pool to cool off. Guest pups will only be permitted to swim upon approval from owner and under my supervision. In the off seasons, my pool is securely closed and covered. I have a solid cover that is bolted down to the concrete and you can even walk across it without issue. In addition to outdoor play time in the backyard, you can expect your pet to be walked at least once a day around my neighborhood. This daily walk is free and included in the reservation. Additional walks may be provided upon request for an additional fee. There is also a local dog park near my house just a short commute away in East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Guest pups will only take trips to the local dog park if requested and/or approved by the owner. You can expect your pup to be spoiled with lots of love, attention and affection. You can also expect your pup to have tons of fun and be spoiled with dog treats, chews, peanut butter, bones and cookies! I also like to send my clients daily updates on how their pup is doing and how everything is going throughout the stay via text message and picture updates. I usually take my daily update pictures during afternoon outdoor play time because I find the lighting and picture quality to be better. It is also easier to take action shots and pictures of your pup playing and interacting with another pup. During outdoor play time, pups can run around and play, socialize and interact with other friendly pups, go swimming in my in ground pool in the summer season, relax and lounge on outdoor cot style dog beds and cooling pads, splash around in my kiddie pool, try out the doggie agility course, play in my ball pit, try out my dog treat puzzles/interactive games and/or play with various dog toys and balls available. I also have a play pen and dog gazebo available for young puppies, smaller dogs and/or shy pups to use when needed. I want to provide all my clients with the peace of mind that their pup is in good hands, in a safe home and is being well cared for just like they are my own pup if not better. Most of us work very hard all year long and when it's finally time to take a well-deserved vacation, I believe everything should go smoothly and without issue or worry. I provide the pet care service that I would like to receive for my own dogs if I was away. My goal is to always provide exceptional pet care service to my clients and guest pups. Every guest pup is instantly treated as if they are part of the family. Credentials and References: My resume, references, safety plan and recommendations are available upon request. If you would like to speak with my past clients, please message me and I will forward you their contact information upon their approval. I also work through and have profiles listed on DogVacay, Rover and Care. Check out the new Maggie's Doggie Day Care & Boarding Facebook page, Instagram account and Yelp ad listing. I have completed the certified background checks through Dog Vacay, Inc. and Rover. I am also a notary public in Middlesex County, New Jersey. I am a member of The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), Pet Owners Association and PetSit USA. I have successfully completed the online training course Rover101 offered by Rover. I also have completed the online training courses offered by Dog Vacay, Inc. through their Dog Vacay University as well. I am a graduate of Course 101, Course 102 and have successfully completed the online web training program. I have experience in providing additional care for puppies, special needs dogs and elderly dogs. I have cared for multiple puppies, special needs dogs and senior dogs in the past. I am experienced in administering oral medication and injections. I have a 16 year old female Havanese. She is deaf, requires daily medication, has a difficult time walking, vertigo, balance/coordination issues and a difficult time eating. This is where most of my experience caring for elderly dogs derives from. I have raised, trained and cared for every single one of my own dogs from the time they were puppies throughout adulthood. I'm proud to say my father is a retired Lt. of the East Brunswick Police Department after 28 years of service. If interested in my services offered, please contact me directly for assistance and I look forward to speaking with you! Check out the new Maggie's Doggie Day Care & Boarding Facebook page and Instagram account for more pictures of my pups and all my past clients! These are real daily update pictures sent to past clients as well.

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Maggie is hard working and trustworthy. She takes great care for our dog, q ball.

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Maggie watched our puppy while we were away on vacation this summer for 9 days. She was so caring and treated our dog like one of her own. WE loved getting her texts everyday with pictures and updates. I highly recommend Maggie and will definately use her services again!

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This was our first experience with a dog sitter and Maggie exceeded our expectations. There was daily updates and pictures. We knew our dog was being very well cared for and he had plenty of fun while there. We will definitely be using Maggie again.

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Maggie is a hard worker and dedicated to the care of the animals she is responsible for. She documents everything and keeps you abreast of your pets daily activities. I would certainly recommend her.

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Maggie watched over our dog Bear while my family & I took a vacation in August. We picked up Bear as happy as ever and we will definitely be bringing him back during our next vacation! Thanks Maggie - The Belmar Family

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Rachael Arnold

I would absolutely recommend Maggie's Doggie Daycare! Our dogs love her and she takes excellent care of them. She provides pick up and drop off too. She's responsible, trustworthy, and a true dog lover. We couldn't be happier to have found her!

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