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I am a 24-years-old Venezuelan girl who moved to Toronto in October 2013 to study a master's...

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I am a 24-years-old Venezuelan girl who moved to Toronto in October 2013 to study a master\'s degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto. I absolutely love animals (except insects, haha). I have had cats all my life, until I moved here. At that time, we had five cats, two parrots, and a squirrel. One of my cats slept with me every night with her head cradled under my jaw, and I just loved to take breaks from whatever I was doing to go pet or play with one of the cats. Needless to say, I miss them very much and I would LOVE to take care of cats and be in contact with them again. Over the years, I have witnessed cats giving birth quite a few times, I have bottle fed baby cats, I have treated their wounds, them pills and other medicine, fed cats with teeth problems, and I have groomed my very long-haired Persian cats, plus the usual, daily care duties. And in general, I have acquired a pretty keen sense to detect when cats are hurting or when there\'s something wrong with them. My experience with dogs is not as thorough, yet I love them as well. When I was a kid we had a puddle and later on my dad got a medium-to-large sized dog. I used to accompany him when he walked her in the park and I played a lot with her. I would really like to walk dogs and I don\'t mind picking up their feces. Other than that, I have experience with turtles (had three when I was a kid, and I was responsible of feeding them and keeping their cage clean), parrots (I know what to feed them, the kind of toys they like, how to clean their cages), and mice (I work with them on my thesis research so I know how to handle them, how they look when they\'re hurting, their mating cycles, etc.) Additionally, when you live in a house close to a mountain and you have five cats and, you\'re bound to see a great variety of animals that they chase and bring home. The best example of this is the squirrel we have: we rescued a very tiny baby squirrel from our cats, took turns to feed it in the middle of the night for weeks, and had to keep her because she grew used to people and, worse, cats. So now she lives at home and we let her free inside the house every afternoon. We have also rescued mice, small birds, frogs, and even bats from our cats. Some of the have survived and set free, some regrettably died. Finally, I would just like to mention an anecdote that I believe shows best how much I care for animals. One morning I was walking to the subway station on my way to the lab where I was doing my undergrad thesis research. On the gutter next to the sidewalk I saw out of the corner of my eye a rat that was standing very still. This made me assume it was dead so I simply kept on walking. However, I replayed the scene I had barely seen in my head and I thought maybe the rat had actually been breathing. I turned back and, indeed, it was still breathing. I figured it was going to die very soon because rats do not simply lay still on the street. But I felt terribly bad about leaving it there to die, with all the noise of the busy avenue and cars passing by so close to it. So I grabbed it with the napkin I had in lunchbox and I walked back home with it wrapped as kindly as I could manage in the napkin in my hand. When I got home I put it in the terrace, unreachable for the cats, and tried to give it some water with a syringe. I don\'t think it drank at all. It died about ten minutes later and I was very late to the lab that day, but I have never regretted it because it at least died in a very peaceful environment. So I hope you believe me when I say I really, really love animals. - Cats: I have had cats all my life (until Octobe 2013, and I miss them very much), so they are what I have more experience with. I have been in charge of feeding them (from baby bottle with formula to dry and wet food), cleaning their litter box, and grooming long-haired cats. I love to play with them and pet them. My mom and I have had cats who had very big litters and so we had to take turns in the middle of the night to bottle feed them and make sure they peed afterwards. I have also given cats pills and liquid medicine, and cleaned their wounds. - Dogs: We had a dog when I was a kid, and my dad had another dog when I was a teenager. I have not actually been in charge of dogs, but I love them and I would really enjoy walking them. I have no problem with picking up their feces. - Small mammals: I can handle mice and rats at ease because I like them and I work with them daily. Also, my mom and I rescued a very tiny baby squirrel one of our cats brought home one day and we took turns to bottle feed her every few hours. She survived and is currently a grown-up, healthy squirrel :) - Birds: I used to have three parrots back home. I am familiar with cleaning their cages, feeding them, and handling them. - Turtles: I had three turtles when I was a kid. I was in charge of feeding them and cleaning their cage. - Fish: I have never had fish but I believe, given instructions, I can feed them and clean their water as needed.

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