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My name is Kaylee Rodriguez, and I'm an animal-loving musician. I spend my time practicing yoga, creating and performing music, studying, and volunteering at animal shelters. Music is my passion, and I came to NYC from Northwest Indiana to carve out a career in my chosen field, but since the move, I haven't had the chance to work with animals as much as I'd like. Back home, I volunteered for an animal shelter with a friend of mine, and unfortunately, atrocities took place there. We decided we needed to do something, so, together, we cared for the homeless cats and dogs. There were nine dogs and fourteen cats. I learned the importance of body language, tone of voice, the environment, and affection in the recovery of animal victims of abuse and neglect and made to sure to take those factors into account when working with them. My job was to develop a relationship with each of the animals, take note of their body language when relaxed and content, give them proper exercise, groom them appropriately, socialize them by conditioning them to associate people and other animals with playtime and food, correct food aggression through a gradual treatment plan using special treats and positive reinforcement, treat any phobias they might’ve had, specifically fear of drinking from a water bowl, by using affection and treats, and much more. I also fostered six of the cats, four of them kittens. After four months, my friend and I found each and every one of those animals homes. I cherish that experience as it strengthened my ability to empathize and made the love for my own pets stronger. Back home, I cared for six dogs and a cat. The dogs range from small (5-9 lbs) to large (60-65 lbs) and each exhibit different temperamental traits. I have experience in training puppies (Samoyed, Pitbull, and Pomeranian Pug puppies) and caring for senior dogs, and I also have six years of Dog Walking experience, two of those years include rescue dogs. I've had the privilege of working with a range of cat and dog breeds, and I hope to continue to use my experience to assist the animal-owning community here in New York.

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