Make Sure Your Cat is Well Taken Care of While You’re Away

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If you know you will be away from home because of upcoming travel plans or just long days at the office,  it’s time to also make some arrangements for your cat. For some, kitty's will go where they go, but others opt to leave their furry family member in the comfort of their own home. Your cat, being a territorial creature by habit, is happy to stay at home as long as it means she gets to sleep in her own bed and her feeding schedule doesn’t get interrupted.

Unless your cat absolutely loves to travel, the best option is to have a pet sitter come in and take care of your cat or set up daily visits. It’s not enough to just leave some food and a bowl of water for your cat while you’re away. Things can quickly go wrong if your cat is left alone, and you don’t want to put your cat through the stress and anxiety of being left alone or a drastic change in their surroundings. Daily cat visits are a great way for a trusted individual to come into your home, check up on your furry feline, and make sure everything is under control. Your cat gets some added TLC which is always a nice bonus. The best part is that you will have peace of mind knowing your cat is safe and their health and welfare is not compromised because of your schedule.

Many people turn to their social circle to find a someone they can trust to take care of their cat when they are away. When this isn’t an option, and you’re in need of a local individual, has you covered. Whoever you decide to hire, be sure you’ve thoroughly researched their work history with other clients. Ask for references and consider doing a background check as well. Pet sitters, especially if its something as frequent as a daily cat visit, will interact closely with your home and you want to make sure you are bringing in someone that will not only do a great job, but is trusted as well.  

Go ahead and get connecting with our animal lovers who are excited to get to work with your adorable cat while you’re away. Whatever your cat’s needs might be, is the right place to begin your search.

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It was so simple to find a pet sitter for our puppy Lola. I felt much better that she was in a loving home rather than boarded in a kennel. Overall, a great experience! Jenna R, Colorado

How Often Should You Schedule Cat Visits?

Many people think a single visit to the home is adequate. While that may be enough if you are working long hours and will come home at the end of the day, two daily visits are recommended if you are leaving on a longer trip.

If your cat is on a regular feeding schedule, your pet sitter should visit during those times to maintain the familiar routine for your cat.  It can be very stressful for a cat who is on a schedule to have to deal with one big meal and the fact that the family is also gone. Multiple visits also allow the pet sitter to monitor the litter box and note any unusual changes. More than one visit per day also reduces stress levels for your cat by giving them some interaction, playtime and cuddles.

Lastly, if any complication or medical issue arises, it’s much easier to react rather than waiting for 24 hours in between visits for your pet sitter to take notice. When planning your next vacation or holiday travel, taking the extra time to find a trusted pet sitter to take care of your cat will make this a much more enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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