Things to Consider Before Becoming a Pet Sitter

June 10, 2015

If you love pets, are reliable, honest and hard working, and are interested in a career that is both fun and challenging, you'll surely want to become a pet sitter. This job will allow you to to cuddle cute pets and do what you really love, but there are some things you still must consider before deciding to become a pet sitter.

Animals can be unpredictable.
Just like children, pets can have accidents, can bite, get loose, decide not to finish their walk, and overall refuse to listen. You have to be ready to deal with these circumstances and provide the best possible care for the pet until the return of the client or other arrangements have been made.

Work rain or shine.
Your client depends on you and even if you’re not feeling the greatest or the weather is harsh, a pet sitter is expected to show up. Regardless of the conditions, pets still need to be fed, walked, and a client’s property needs to be checked on.

Prepare for emergencies.
Emergency situations can and do arise. Are you able to deal with sick or injured animals until treatment can be sought?

Problems with the home.
Pet sitters often have to keep an eye out on owners’ homes and it’s not uncommon for a water pipe to break, or a storm to cause damage. How are you prepared to handle these situations?

Always available.  
A reliable pet sitter with a good reputation is always in demand and this includes weekends and holidays. Its a big commitment if you want to do a good job and your clients really do depend on you. If you can’t meet their needs, they will surely find someone else who can.