How to Make the Best Impression in a Phone Interview

April 15, 2013

You've posted your ad and now the wait begins for the calls. But are you ready? When that phone rings you have maybe a few minutes at the very most to convince the person who has called that you are the person they should interview and ultimately hire.

So what are the keys? What ensures a good first impression?

Here are a few suggestions that you should consider.

  1. Prepare. Know your strengths and experience well and possibly write down a few points on paper and leave them by the phone.
  2. Think about possible questions you might be asked and have an answer ready.
  3. Practice your answers out loud if you are nervous.
  4. Your voice is very important: your tone should be pleasant and friendly. Your volume needs to be loud enough to be understood easily. Do not speak too fast, especially if you are speaking in a second language.
  5. Make sure you answer the questions asked and don't give too long an answer.
  6. Always tell the truth. If you are asked something you don't know or can't do , just say so.
  7. Take think time. No one expects an immediate answer, so take a little time to organize your thoughts.
  8. Always thank the caller for their interest. Possibly mention that you would be pleased to talk to them again or come for a face-to-face interview. Alternately, if your references are strong suggest they may wish to call them.

The more calls you get, the more at ease you will be 'selling yourself'. This is really what you have to do and in a very short time. You know what a good you can do…now prove it to them.