Don't Always Lead With Your Heart!

January 17, 2013

Well, I almost did it. It was close.

A simple trip to the pet food store very nearly resulted in a surprise purchase-one fluffy, adorable 6 week old grey tabby cat. And oh those longing tender green eyes!!!

As I drove home I almost turned back on two occasions, finally assuaging my angst by vowing to research "Bringing a new kitten into a home with a cat" as soon as I got home. The results of of my search were surprising, to say the least.

In a nutshell, it is not impossible to make it work, but it is an complicated process and a lot of work.

I am a huge cat lover, and have had multiple cats in my home many times, but these cats were usually rescued in groups and came into my home together.

I am now in the situation where I have one loving, loyal, and content 12 year old male cat, and in deference to him, and in consideration of myself (I am not in need of any new complications to my relatively calm home), I will enjoy this fellow for the many healthy years he has remaining and then satiate my need for multiple feline companions.

If you are considering introducing a new kitten or cat into your home where one or more cats already reside, go to and read a summary of my research on this topic in the article "Introducing a New Kitten into a Home where an Older Cat Resides"