Dog Walking

June 22, 2012

Dogs, undeniably one of the most popular domestic pets, need frequent physical activity, preferably outdoors.

Studies show that dogs who go on at least one walk daily are significantly healthier than dogs that get little to no exercise. But given the hectic lifestyles of many owners, they often do not have the time to walk their dog.

Benefits of Dog Walking

Number of Dogs and Children in Households

US Census: Number of households with dogs in 2012 is greater than that of children

Canines need to stay mentally and physically stimulated in order to stay healthy. This makes dog walking essential; a simple and effective way to provide many benefits for your dog. Walking your dog on a regular basis allows your canine friend to socialize with other dogs and to interact with the environment.

A minimum of two daily walks is shown to reduce or even eliminate some of the most common behavioural issues demonstrated by dogs such as destructiveness, separation anxiety, aggression and disobedience. A dog walker often walks multiple dogs at the same time making obedient and non-aggressive behaviour necessary in these walking pals.

Home? Or a Dedicated Facility?

Many dog walkers provide the option to either walk your dog in your local area or to walk them in a specialized facility. Both of the options offer several advantages.

Having your dog walked in your local area is very convenient option. Your dog walker can come to your home, walk your dog, and then return him expediently. The dog can be walked while you are at home or away from home.

Conversely, having the dog walker pick up your dog and transport her to a dedicated facility offers additional services that can benefit your dog. Dog care facilities offer training, grooming, and veterinary services if needed.

Finding a Dog Walker

It is important that you find a dog walker who gets along well with your dog, enjoys his company, can accommodate your schedule and meet your standards of care. Luckily, it is not a difficult process to complete.

Start your search by reading through’s Dog Walker postings that are geographically appropriate for you. Go first to your state/province and then narrow your search by city.

If a suitable dog walker is not found on this website, the next step would be to post an ad on the dog walking job page. Posting a job is easy. Simply fill out the information defining the services that you require. Potential dog walkers will be searching these ads for a good match.

If you need someone to walk your dog while you're out of town, a dog walker might not suit your needs. To fulfill your requirements, you can either hire a pet sitter or take your dog to a kennel. Kennels are buildings used to house dogs while their owners are out of town. Before you leave your dog in a kennel, make sure you do your research and learn about the differences between kennels and pet sitters.

Becoming a Dog Walker

When starting your dog walking business begin your search by looking through the Dog Walking Job listings for your state. If the opportunities do not match your availability, post your services on the Dog Walker posting pages. Simply select the “List Your Service” button at the top and we will guide you through the rest!