Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs

July 5, 2012

Now before you start howling, calm yourself and listen to some facts.

Cats are loving, constant and comforting. They are easy to care for, cheap to feed, and if given a clean and accessible litter pan, are very clean animals.

They are creatures of habit and like routines, which is another plus for the owner.

Cats do not tie you down like dogs. This is a huge plus! You can leave them for the weekend with water, kibble, and litter box with no worries. Moreover, for longer holiday their care by a pet sitter is also minimal—water, kibble and clean litter every few days. No worry about walking or grooming. Those last minute getaways are so much easier.

Much like dogs, they greet you at the door and they escort you out. They love to snuggle, purr and bunt to show affection. They are good at sensing your mood and respond with attention and company. As a matter of fact, owning a cat could very likely add years to your life.

According to research, owning a cat can dramatically reduce a person's chance of dying from heart disease. Specifically, people who owned cats were 30 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack. Other research shows that pets help us feel better overall and help us to deal with stress.

Allergies are not a problem. There are many breeds of cats that have short hair and are dander free. Often people cite allergies as an excuse for not having a cat. They are hung up on old prejudices and old wives’ tales about cats smothering babies, ruining furniture, riding with witches and carrying disease. You probably heard most of these stories from your grandmother or another relative who have long ago decided that they just don’t like cats.

Like any animal, with love, attention and gentle and proper training you can have the family pet of your dreams.

It’s time to let go of the folklore, prejudice and narrow mindedness. Cats are fantastic pets that can make your life, if not ‘purrfect’, much more calm and enjoyable.