Top 5 Adorable Cat & Dog Videos You've Got to Watch!

September 30, 2016

If you’ve ever visited the Facebook page, you’ll know that we post a lot of funny pet videos.

These funny and adorable videos are sure to make you laugh, cry and say awwww….

Here’s a Round-up of Our Top 5 Funny Pet Videos

Ranked in order of most Facebook likes to least.

1. Patient Corgi Shows Baby How to Play Fetch

2. Dog Pats Cat on the Head

3. The Magical Relationship Between Iris & Thula: an 8 Year Old Girl with Autism and a Therapy Cat

4. Adorable Puppy Head Tilt

5. Golden Retriever Can’t Get Past Cat On Stairs

Bonus: Younger Husky Tries to Convince Older Husky to Wake-up and Play

How did this not get enough likes to make our top 5? I dare you to watch this and not think it is cute!

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