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Amanda Scordellis

Years of experience with all types of animals! Would love to be your new pet care specialist!

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Looking within 50 miles of Middleburg, VA.

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter in Middleburg

If you are like myself your pets have become a part of your family. While you are out and about, working, or vacationing, you want them to be taken care of with the same attention and love your own family gives them. That is what I have to offer you! I can offer services to families with all types of pets. I believe I am a good choice for your family because, I provide personal attention to every pet in the comfort of their home. I have a high standard and will provide the highest quality of care. Your pet can stay relaxed in the comfort of your own home instead of sending your pet to a boarding kennel which can often cause unnecessary stresses. Daily walks and playtimes will provide your pet with the exercise it needs for good health and behavior. Having a Pet Care Specialist that comes to your home also saves you time and energy for the simple reason that you will not be picking up and dropping of your pet before and after work, vacation or outings. Having a Pet Care Specialist can also give you the opportunity to save money compared to the many pricey boarding kennels in the area. You can be confident in your decision as hiring me as your new Pet Care Specialist. I have had pets all my life and have always dreamed of owning my own pet care business. I have experience with many different types of animals; cats, dogs (all sizes and breeds), snakes, birds, fish, lizards, rabbits, gerbils, frogs, turtles, horses and the list goes on. I managed my own dog group for bully breeds for five years. In this group we worked on socialization, training and general knowledge of these breeds. I rescued my Pit Bull from fighting six years ago. With this said I have experience with difficult cases. I worked at a pet store for over a year as well as a boarding kennel. Most importantly I have a love and respect for animals that is never ending. I offer many services for your pet(s) from daily walks to after surgery care to playtimes. Please take a look below for services and pricing. Standard Visits - $20 per visit. Approximately 30-40 minutes per visit. includes walk and/or playtime, feeding, medication, and watering Extended Visits - $30 per visit. 60 minutes per visit. Includes longer walks and/or playtime, feeding, medications, and watering Short Visits - $15 per visit. 15-20 minutes per visits. Includes potty time, feeding, medications, and watering Best for homes that have cats and small pets that do not need outdoor time Mid Day Express Visits - $13 per visit. 10 - 15 minutes per visit. Express visit are good for dogs that need to be let out mid day between regularly scheduled visits **For vacation visits I can also provide you with plant watering, mail collecting, placing trash on the curb, news paper pick up, light grooming, and turning lights on and off to make it appear there is someone always home. Daily Services I provide daily services. Monday - Friday between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm Dog Walking 60 minutes- $25.00 Includes basic leash training at an upbeat pace -pace will be assessed based on dogs health, age and weight -$10.00 per additional dog *Turn your dogs walk into a jog for an additional $5.00 30 minutes - $17.00 Includes basic leash training at an upbeat pace -pace will be assessed based on dogs health, age and weight -$10.00 per additional dog *Turn your dogs walk into a jog for an additional $5.00 Play Time - 30 to 40 minutes. $20.00 Developed to expend excess energy. Using your dogs favorite toys or favorite spot to run. -Play will be assessed based on dogs health, age and weight Daily Express Visits - 10 minutes. $15.00 Designed for owners who are not able to get home for mid day potty breaks, afternoon meds or meals Daily Standard Visit - $17.00. 15 to 20 minutes. Designed for owners who are not able to get home for mid day potty breaks, meds or meals. Includes short walk or backyard exercise. To show how much I appreciate my valued clients I am offering discounts! Referral Program - Refer friends and family and save$10.00 on your next day's visit (applies to daily visits and vacation visits) Extended Vacation Discount - Spending more than 10 days away from your beloved pet. For every day after 10 days you will receive $10.00 off per day. *For regular services, monthly billing is available. Payment by cash or check.

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Email Address … Confirmed
Phone Number 703-618-4… Confirmed
Type of Provider Individual
Location Pet Owner's Home
Years of Experience 13
Experience Dogs
Small Mammals
Exotic Pets
Services Offered Dog Walking
Pet Feeding
Pet Sitting
Pet Grooming
Overnight Care
Other Non-smoker
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