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Looking within 25 miles of CA.

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I have extensive experience in caring for animals: cats (including my own and I have volunteered at a cat rescue and adoption facility) birds puppies adult dogs (from Siberian huskies to terriers) elderly dogs (blind/deaf, arthritic, grouchy) dogs that require oral, topical, ear, and eye medications dogs with aggression issues (food, territorial, and prey-instinct) dogs in need of training (walking on a leash, feeding habits) I have worked on training both my own dogs and others so I am very patient. If I run into a problem that I am unsure how to deal with then I am resourceful in finding the correct approach. I am extremely active, so running and day-hikes are definite options for keeping your dog distracted while his/her parents are out of town. I am comfortable with taking dogs to dog parks/beaches so long as the park is completely enclosed. (For the protection of your dog, I will only agree to take dogs to unenclosed parks if I am very familiar with the dog and he/she has shown me that he/she will listen to me off-leash in areas with high levels of excitement.) I can unfortunately not provide boarding at my residence but I am willing to provide in-home overnight care.

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