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Cat Sitting

Stop worrying about your cat while you go on trips for business or pleasure. Cat sitters are feline-loving individuals who enjoy taking every chance they can to spend time with cats or kittens. Every cat is unique, and enjoys their own variety of toys and ways to play. As well, cats are territorial and very much creatures of habit. They enjoy routine... in feeding, where they sit and how they play.

Although owners sometimes leave their cats overnight, it is a misconception that they can be left for days safely with a bowl of food and a large bowl of water. A cat sitter can provide the attention and care that your pet deserves. Cat sitters on are happy to help!

Your cat is unique!

If your pet is a fun loving cat who likes jumping in boxes, playing pouncing games with string, and chasing around laser lights for hours on end, you can rest assured that the cat sitters on will treat your pet exactly as you would.

If your cat would rather simply cuddle, and enjoy the warmth of your lap while enjoying a nice, slow massage, a cat sitter will stroke your pet and give him the endless attention he craves.’s cat sitters are more than willing to take care of your pet sensitively and competently in the manner that you indicate. Start your search for a pet sitter for your cat today!

What are the Options for Cat Care?

As with most other pet sitting opportunities, there are various options for care. Cat sitters can take care of your cat in your home.This is the easiest and least stressful choice for the cat, and is usually the choice for a short daily visit. This option avoids ”cat trauma” and the takes away the opportunity for the cat to “mark” new territory in the cat sitter’s home. Conversely, the cat can be transported (usually in a cage) to the cat sitter’s home. This would only be a good solution for a stay of multiple days and often initially does encourage erratic behaviour in the cat.

Your Place Their Place

When the absence of the owner is extended, sometimes the owner would prefer the cat sitter sleeping at their home, allowing the cat(s) to stick to their daily routines, thus minimizing the loneliness they feel with their owner’s absence.

Most live-in cat sitters can also be approached to see if they are willing to take the position of a house sitter, and take care of your house just as you would: watering your plants, rotating lights that are on, taking out the trash, and bringing in the newspaper. Your house would look lived in.

If having the cat sitter in your home makes you uncomfortable, the cat can go to the sitter's home. This allows you privacy and allows for care for your feline for longer stays. This is not the easiest option for the cat . Dogs adapt to this arrangement faster and easier than cats, but once the cats get to know their sitters better, the unease is minimized. The chance of a cat being found if he slips out of the house is much lower when the cat is unfamiliar with the neighborhood. But a responsible cat sitter will be very vigilant.

In both situations described above, the cat sitter should carry a first aid kit, be well connected with a veterinarian and be able and ready to deal with any emergency.

Take the stress out of life

Stop worrying about your cat and/or your home while you’re away. Over time, you, your sitter, and your kitty can build a relationship of trust and comfort. Go to to get the help you need.

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